Desktop Grid Systems

About Workshop

Their distribution of the desktop grid systems (desktop grid) was already about 20 years ago, but they still remain an effective computing tool for scientific research. The importance of developing and improving methods for the effective use of personal computing devices is constantly increasing. This is due to the fact that the emerging new classes of personal computing devices have new capabilities, in particular, the ability to connect them to clusters and supercomputers. This, in turn, makes new demands on the organization and methods of using desktop grid systems. Within the framework of the seminar it is proposed to discuss the directions of development and experience of using desktop grid systems.

Topics of Interest

  • Experience of using desktop grid systems;
  • The solution of computationally intensive tasks based on the desktop grid;
  • Mathematical models and methods for increasing the effectiveness of the desktop grid;
  • Enterprise desktop grid;
  • Use personal devices in the desktop grid;
  • Voluntary distributed computing;
  • Interaction with the Russian community of volunteers.

Important Dates

  • May 15 May 20, 2022 - paper submission
  • June 12 - author notification
  • June 26 - camera ready submission

 Program Committee

  • Afanasyev A.P., IITP RAS (co-chair)
  • Bukhanovskiy A.V., ITMO (co-chair)
  • Posypkin M.A., FRC CSC RAS (co-chair)
  • Bychkov I.V., IDSTU SB RAS
  • Pechnikov A.A., IAMR KRC RAS
  • Sokolinskiy L.B., SUSU
  • Yakobovskiy M.V., IMM RAS

Seminar leader: Afanasyev A.P., IITP RAS

Contacts: Ilya Kurochkin,

Seminar language: Russian